Tuesday, 15 February 2011

An apology: The thing (me)

Hello ladies and gents!

You may have noticed that the blog's feeds have slowed down a bit. this is due to he creator (me) partially forgetting and not being able to post. I am sorry if you were following this blog intensley. As I really have very little time to do this tonight, I wish to tipp you off on a few updates. The feeds from VACentral will be coming through soon.

A peek in the downloads section-
Paul White's NEW epic DC-3
And a vast set of links to RELEVENT scenery for BFL
And a belated warm welcome to Al Gay, who is currently deeply insconsed in 'constructing' a custom Red Deer airport - Exclusive to BFL virtual!!!

There is a ever growing collection of awsome BFL and BFL virtual (http://www.youtube.com/user/BuffaloVA)

And to finish off with--

A review and article writer for the blog! It can be anybody (Preferably in BFL Virtual)! 

It can be anything! from reviewing one of the epic aircraft from Paul White, to phone interwiews, or just interesting happenings from within the VA! Just send off your content to my AIRmail inbox! And who knows? Your content might be up on the blog!

Happy flying! BFL0162 - Clym Rowe

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